I like to express myself through the types of stories I tell. Conveying our thoughts and experiences through stories, whether fiction or real, is a powerful means of communication.

I've always been captivated by larger than life worlds and characters that still remain genuinely human. I work to carry those sentiments through within the stories I write. 


Hypatia & The Remnants of Chaos

Most educational disciplines have the advantage of storytelling being baked into the content itself. History tells us stories of our past. Science tells us stories of who we are and how the universe operates. English and Language Arts tell us, well, stories. Math however is more cut and dry. Typically you're presented with a problem and must simply find the solution. For StrongMind's Geometry courses, we sought to shift that trend and inject a narrative within the course. 

Hypatia & The Remnants of Chaos, was developed for future implementation for StrongMind's Geometry B course. Taking place in a neon-drenched fantasy world, The Remnants of Chaos follows Hypatia as she struggles to find her place in a rapidly changing world due to the fallout of events from the Geometry A course narrative. Inspired by the imaginations and dreams of my childhood, the story features a diverse cast of characters, locations and villains, while weaving dependently with the educational content. 

Illustration - Daniel Fleck © 2015 FlipSwitch

Illustration - Daniel Fleck
© 2015 FlipSwitch



Historical context can at times be difficult to fully grasp. For StrongMind's Civics & Government course, we sought to retell major events and historical concepts of the American Revolution through allegory. CITIZEN is a six-part digital graphic novel that presents the American Revolution set in a fictional world. The story follow's a young girl named Elena, who witnesses what would be the inciting incident in the revolution. The story takes place over several years as we see Elena grow and become a soldier, while discovering what it means to be a citizen. 

This digital graphic novel was a component of the CODIE award winning Civics & Government course. 

Illustration - Daniel Fleck                                                   © 2015 FlipSwitch

Illustration - Daniel Fleck                                                  
© 2015 FlipSwitch



Science Fiction is a powerful genre to frame today's relevant issues within futuristic and imaginative settings. NOVO, a four-part digital graphic novel, was designed for StrongMind's World History course. The story follow Maya, a young woman seeking to recount the lost stories of a now ruined and abandoned earth. The story focuses on conveying the importance documenting and retelling our history. 

Illustration - Mike Holmes & Cheryl Juracich                     ©2015 FlipSwitch

Illustration - Mike Holmes & Cheryl Juracich                    
©2015 FlipSwitch

In Motion - Isaac Newton's First Law

For StrongMind's Physical Science course, the studying of Isaac Newton's Laws of Motion is a key component. In Motion is a three part 3D animated series that tells the story of Isaac Newton discovering, understanding and documenting his three laws of motion. The piece was produced, directed and animated by my Creative Director Adam Denning. My personal role on the project was as Co-Story Artist and Writer. For this project I was the recipient of the 2016 Rocky Mountain Emmy Award for Scriptwriting.