Primavera Online High School: EDGE Campaign

- Director | Cinematographer | Editor -

Primavera's EDGE campaign was a multi-part TV and web campaign that featured short form documentaries on Primavera Online High School students. The campaign was comprised of four short YouTube documentaries, as well as multiple TV Spots. 


StrongMind Digital Curriculum: Career Connections - Ecology

- Director | Cinematographer | Editor -

Career Connections in Ecology is a documentary short produced for StrongMind's digital curriculum content. The video was produced with help from Northern Arizona University's Ecology department, and highlighted potential career opprotunities in Ecology and related subjects. 

37th Annual Telly Award - Video: Nature/Wildlife


StrongMind Digital Curriculum: Never Let Me Go

- Director | Cinematographer | Editor -

For StrongMind Digital Curriculum Language Arts courses we adapted Kazuo Ishiguro's novel, Never Let Me Go, into a re-imagined scene. The scene tells the hypothetical story of the book's protagonist Kathy, recounting experiences from the book. 


Arizona Ducati Club: Passion Panigale

- Director | Cinematographer | Editor -

I spent a couple of years with the Arizona Ducati Club and produced a handful of personal projects for the club. This specific piece was a simple short on the club's president having some modifications made to his Panigale. 


Primavera Online High School: Choose Success Campaign

- Director | Producer | Cinematographer | Editor -

Primavera's Choose Success campaign was designed to convey an open and honest message from real students of Primavera Online High School. Similar to the EDGE campaign, Choose Success also featured multiple TV spots and well as YouTube spotlights on the different students. 


StrongMind Digital Curriculum: Instructional Videos

During my time at StrongMind I've spent two and a half years in a creative leadership role, where I've overseen the production of hundreds of videos from StrongMind's digital curriculum. Below are a few samples from the major discplines we produce content for. 

Producer | Director | Cinematographer

Director | Writer | Cinematographer | Editor

Director | Cinematographer | Editor

Director | Writer